Propensive has been actively involved in the Scala community for over a decade, as Scala has grown since its inception in academia to become one of the most successful languages for software development in industry worldwide.

Scala World

Propensive organize Scala World, an annual event in the Lake District, England, which brings together Scala developers from all over the world for a weekend of outdoor activities, two days of curated conference talks, and a day of workshops.


Ticket sales alone do not cover the costs of organizing Scala World, so we invite sponsors to support the event too. This is a great opportunity for companies who work with Scala to make themselves better known amongst the most influential members of the community, and provides a chance to recruit many of the leading developers in the community: those who choose to attend Scala World are self-selecting as the people most involved in the Scala language.

Our sponsorship offer includes several tiers of sponsorship, as well as a number of options such as clothing and diversity sponsorship.

If you would like to find out more about our sponsorship possibilities, please contact Jon Pretty for more information.

Find out more

For more details on the conference programme, and to stay abreast of news about Scala World, see the Scala World website.

Furious Frenzies!

Starting in 2019, we will be organizing a series of free workshop events around Europe for developers to come together and learn new skills. We will reveal more details about these, soon!